Fire yo' graphic designer: Creating E-flyers in Photoshop by Jay Elaine

Fire yo' graphic designer: Creating E-flyers in Photoshop

Take your content to the next level without breaking your pockets or add a new service to your graphic design business. The possibilities are endless with this new skill!

We know...we know!

You've just launched your business and the fees for all the graphics and content you need is piling up! A website launch flyer, sales flyers, new product flyers, and thats just to name a few. If only...if only, you could it yourself?

Or, maybe you're in between jobs, flat out just hate your job, or you could just be looking for a new side hustle? You see a demand for graphics all over social media. How can I make money creating graphics for small business owners...and I don't know how.

Well here is your opportunity. This course will walk you through the basics of photoshop and creating digital flyers (e-flyers) from your laptop or desktop.


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What to expect:
  • Video trainings
  • Guides & Resources
  • Lifetime access
  • All future updates
  • Community of other creatives
  • Access to the instructor during class hours (Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm EST)

What they have to say!

"Hey! I took your graphic designer class! It's a must I've learned so much. I'm going to recommend everyone!"
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Here is what's inside!

Welcome & Orientation
2 mins
Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
Fire yo' graphic designer: Creating E-flyers in Photoshop
What you'll need!
Let's Get an Understanding
What is Photoshop?
What is an E-flyer?
1 min
Getting Started
Setting up your document
7 mins
Setting up your workspace
9 mins
Before you start designing
What will the flyer be for?
3 mins
How do you want it to look?
5 mins
Pulling Inspiration
Do's and Don'ts
4 mins
Design Elements
8 mins
Fonts & Photos/Stock Images
12 mins
How to use Photoshop
5 mins
6 mins
Layer Styles & Blending options
13 mins
Cropping & Resizing
9 mins
Selections & Masking
14 mins
Wait there is more...selections & masking.
2 mins
Smart Objects
5 mins
Transforming & Warp
7 mins
7 mins
Designing your flyer
Creating Your E-flyer
48 mins
Textbook (Resources & Guides)
Photoshop tools Cheat Sheet
125 KB
Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts
69.1 KB
FREEBIE: 7 steps to an EASY launch
438 KB
35.3 KB
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258 MB
23.9 MB


How long do I have access to this course? does forever sound?

What are the advantages of taking this online course?

Of course the convince and flexibly of it all. But to be able to make a one time investment to learn a skill that could either save you 100s of dollars or make you 100s of dollars, takes the cake!

What if I decided I no longer want to take this course after submitting the payment?

Aw, first..we understand sometimes things aren't always meant to be. But once you submit your payment, you're stuck with us! We promise you'll love it here.

Keep in mind that Bizy Boss academy doesn't offer refunds of any kind for any online courses or digital products.

How long will this take me?

In one sitting you can finish this entire course in 6-8 hours. Thats 8 hours until you're on your way to saving money or making money or both.

Remember this is a self paced course and you can pause and come back whenever you need to.

I absolutely LOVED this course and just need to know, where do I send my testimonial?

Aw shucks! *starts blushing*

Our goal with every course and product is to satisfy our students and offer value thats unmatched. If you loved it here, send us a review to

- Your name
- Your Insta handle
- Your website (if you have one)
- A picture of you or your logo
- and...of course, the testimonial

We try to feature all of reviews and testimonials for others to see! (The good ones of course, haha)